Plumbing in Bellflower, CA with Solar Patrol Plumbing

For more than 35 years, our plumbers at Solar Patrol Plumbing have been caring for the plumbing needs of the Bellflower, CA, community. Our licensed, bonded and insured plumbers offer residential and commercial services to enhance clients' safety, including:
• Gas leak repair and installation
• Sewer repairs
• Tankless Water Repair and Install
• Garbage disposal service
• Drain cleaning and hydro-jetting
We can also address foundation problems such as slab leaks as well as perform copper re-piping and water leak repair for the mains coming into our out of your property. Our professional plumbers offer helpful maintenance and repairs to combat some of the most common household and commercial plumbing issues.
Our services also include a video inspection so that we can visualize the problems within your plumbing system and get to the root of the issue as quickly as possible. Our rooter pipers can help open pipes that have been obstructed with tree roots. We're also able to open up your industrial, commercial or residential lines with our rooter drains. If your water heater has developed a problem, our water heater repair and installation services will have your hot water back on in no time.
You can depend on us for punctual and respectful services. We're proud to offer discounts for seniors, military members and those in law enforcement.
Call Solar Patrol Plumbing at (562) 805-9631 and get a free estimate for any of our professional plumbing services.
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